History and Core Values


The Academy was founded by a committed group of correctional health leaders in 2002 to provide a professional community for the advancement of correctional care:   

Kleanthe C. Caruso, RN, MSN, CCHP (Chair) William T. Haeck, MD, CCHP
Jayne R. Russell, CCHP-A (Chair-Elect) Edward Harrison, CCHP
Terry Milgore, BSN, CCHP (Secretary) Ellyn R. Presley, RN, CCHP
Phillip Jarres, RN, MPA, CCHP (Treasurer) Ralf J. Salke, BSN, CCHP-A
Kathryn E. Briscoe, RN, MSN, CCHP Thomas E. Shields II, DDS, CCHP
Margaret Collat, RN, BSN, CCHP-A Robert P. Vogt, JD
Yvonne M. Friday, MD, CCHP  

As it has grown, the Academy has won the support of professionals from all disciplines of correctional health care and has become the largest correctional health membership organization in the United States.

Throughout that time, it has adhered to these core values that were established at the organization’s birth:

Core Values

We work with expertise, commitment and diligence.

We respect each other, our colleagues on custody staff, and the dignity of our patients.

We set and maintain the highest ethical and professional principles of conduct for ourselves and our programs, consistent with NCCHC standards.


We provide guidance and inspiration through education, information, policy development, and advocacy for our patients.

We bring together all disciplines of correctional health care professionals to achieve positive outcomes within correctional settings and our professional community.

We hold in high regard those who came before us to advance our field, and we work to create and maintain programs of excellence for future generations.

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